Smyrna Knitters – August 31, 2017

No summer yet folks and we are running out of time.  It certainly made working on my afghan project easier to deal with.  Instead of sweating while knitting, the afghan, as it grew, helped keep me warm.

Pat was here crocheting w/creamy yarn in a basket weave pattern.  You work from corner to corner and it is a delight to watch it grow.  Fun if you do it in different colors as you go.  A good all round pattern.  Kitty is knitting her basket weave shawl.  She works on it here because you don’t have to count, just knit and you don’t have to worry about losing where you are.  Mary is crocheting her Teddy Bear Blue afghan.  It is a different shade of blue, maybe it is just for Teddy Bears.  Arlene is now knitting a red strip for her Rainbow afghan.  At least that is what I am calling it.  BRIGHT!  Pam has the new yarn from Red Heart.  It is self stripping as you go along much like some sock yarns are.  The yarn fades from one color into the next color.  We all thought it was jazzy and she said it came in many color combinations.  Peggy came off the hill to visit with us.  YEA!  She is a bundle of energy and up for all kinds of things.  Mary Lou Whorrall came with a afghan she is working on.  It is a tweed yarn with a couple of rows of Turquoise thrown in.  Going to be nice when it is “grown up”.  Marilyn stopped in to chat and was discussing the cemetery at the west end of the village.  Just think, when the village was formed, that was outside of the village limits.

Bonnie wasn’t here with us due to work on her cellar way.  She wants to get the work done and over with before the snow flies.  And from the looks of some of the trees, it won’t be long before the leaves start falling. We meet on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 am until noon at the Smyrna Library.  Come join us for a visit and see how we mess things up.  hahaha

-By Barbara J. Schwarting